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"That Ford exclusive title 2016 auto parts auto event in October 21st, the Zhengzhou Convention and Exhibition Center Hall River Site released industry heavy news: Tess’s (Beijing) Technology Development Co. Ltd and held a signing ceremony, officially became the 2016 annual auto parts | auto industry brand event total title, which also marks the two sides strategic mode of cooperation fully open.         China auto parts industry authoritative media HC auto parts network works, thousands of enterprises expectations, anticipated auto parts | auto industry brand event started in August, and in November 29th the Shanghai Frankfurt exhibition awards ceremony held at the same time. This brand activities and reinforce the great in strength and impetus after precipitation, the 11 years, young! As Tess Ford and HC leaders participate in the signing ceremony, the general manager of HC auto industry e-commerce company, Ms. Zhao Yifen and Tess’s (Beijing) science and technology development limited company chairman Mr. Wang Zhong, together with the excellent team signing, on-site guests and the audience to witness this historic moment. Together, progress together, hand in hand with the HC, the Theis will be a new starting point, is a new beginning for both sides towards strategic development and resource integration! The brand event thus officially named "theis Ford Cup" 2016 annual auto parts | auto industry brand event and the 2016 China automobile maintenance industry chain development forum". and Theis Ford (Beijing) Technology Development Co. Ltd. the signing ceremony of         in recent years, including domestic and foreign trade brand, the Internet giant, OEM brands have begun in the car market after the field of Paibingbuzhen, staking, from product diversification, logistics rationing, marketing channel and the profit pattern of the Internet, and then to the implantation genetic Internet to create a new brand, and a variety of cross-border marriage peers and so on, that industry brand, Internet era. and Theis Ford (Beijing) Technology Development Co. Ltd. the signing ceremony of         Tess’s (Beijing) Technology Development Co. Ltd. (Brand: TESD Fuld, theis) as independent research and development and production of automobile tire explosion emergency safety device of the enterprise, which lasted several years of research and development of TESD (TyreEmergencySafetyDevice, referred to as TESD emergency device for tire), won 13 national patents, products widely used in military logistics vehicles, special transport vehicles, commercial vehicles, private cars and other vehicles. Tess’s (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd. Chairman Mr. Wang Zhong         Mr. Wang Zhong said: since that Ford was established, with HC cooperation, now our cooperation, marking the Theis Ford and HC comprehensive strategic cooperation began. This time thanks to provide common exchange, HC that such an industry and predecessors, high-quality enterprises the opportunity to seek a total!相关的主题文章:

Liu Qiang East on the eve of the 11 double released to the grassroots cadres in a Jingdong of 20%- S vidown

Liu Qiang East on the eve of the 11 double released to the grassroots cadres in a Jingdong of 20%- Sohu first financial news reporter was informed that in the double 11 Eve, notify the Jingdong group today issued a 2017 pay general adjustment policy, the Jingdong group in 2017 to all grass-roots staff salary increase. Among them, the level of increase in the level of not less than 10% employees, supervisors, managers and employees are not less than 20%. The employees salary increase for the Jingdong group CEO Liu Qiangdong at a regular meeting early executives directly finalized the decision. Liu Qiangdong said, with the Jingdong’s business gradually mature, Jingdong will put more resources to enhance the competitiveness of staff salaries and benefits and working environment improvement to allow more employees to share the company’s growth brings rewards. At the same time, he called for increased investment and recruitment of outstanding technical personnel. The publication of this email includes salary details: it is reported that the Jingdong is a professional management and internal two development sequence for the staff, professional series from P1, T1 until P6, T6, sequence from M1 to M5 management. For strategic focus groups, the company will set up a more flexible and competitive space. For senior management, the company will continue to combine cash and stock incentives to motivate talented people." Jingdong in recent years has been promoting the welfare and treatment of grassroots staff growth. Earlier, Jingdong had worked in the city can not go back to the new year, the first line of staff, for many years launched a 3000 yuan per child for the Spring Festival welfare, will be used to stay home children receive new year. At the same time, for female employees, in addition to the statutory maternity leave outside the extra 30 days paid maternity leave. Jingdong also said in the message, in order to retain and attract more talents, in addition to the existing salary and welfare characteristics, Jingdong is also actively planning and carry out the "phoenix nest plan", namely Yizhuang Jingdong headquarters as the center outward radiation, infrastructure for employees of the Jingdong to create office, residential, education, medical etc. integration, let employees at "settle down in Yizhuang".相关的主题文章:

Gamblers stealing more than 130 yuan aunt squandered gambling was sentenced to prison for ten years

Gamblers stealing more than 130 yuan of aunt gambling squandered sentenced to prison for ten years – Kunming, November (Xinhua) – (Liu Wenjun) a gambler for gambling, theft of more than $130 of his aunt’s extravagance, and therefore violated the law. Yunnan Xishuangbanna intermediate people’s Court 1, 2009, the court sentenced him to imprisonment for theft for ten years and fined $50000. It was found that in September 7, 2012, the defendant Tan Moumou accompanied by his aunt (victim Huang Moumou) to the Bank of China Agricultural Bank of China Luo Luo branch of the deposit business, that the sum of the amount of Agricultural Bank of China card deposit and password. The next day, Tan Moumou in Burma Meng Village, Raman Huang Moumou rented room in the theft of bank card and ID card, Huang Moumou after the Sino Burmese border near the entry path to China 219 markers of Agricultural Bank of China branch Daluo port by way of transfer to steal 110000 yuan deposit, the bank card and ID card back. In October 2012, Huang Moumou in Burma Meng Village will be building the Raman ABC card to his father back home in Qiyang County of Hunan province by the mother Shen Moumou custody. Tan Moumou heard the news that Hunan back home from his grandmother Shen Moumou home, stolen card. The same year in October 14th to August 26, 2013 period, the defendant Tan Moumou as to the Burma Mengla gambling has been stealing the bank card deposit 1252259 yuan. December 10, 2015, the defendant Tan Moumou in Yunnan, Jinghong, a car beauty center was arrested by the police. The court held that the defendant Tan Moumou stealing bank card and stealing card totaling 1362259 yuan RMB, while its justice after obtain the understanding of victims, but his behavior constituted theft, and a huge amount of theft. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the criminal law of People’s Republic of China, the court made the decision in accordance with the law. (end)相关的主题文章:

Really. Around the earth – xiangpiaopiao combined Shenzhou eleven marketing plan – Sohu and open spa visualboyadvance

Really. Around the earth – xiangpiaopiao combined with the Shenzhou eleven open space marketing plan – Sohu and have a hot on the earth: what’s out – Hong fluttering tea this time, has not satisfied the fluttering around the earth, when we are still the number of how many around the circle, with "space has Xiangpiao preparatory matters". In September 23rd the "odd poly space" as the theme of the Tmall space marketing plan and media communication conference, the United Chinese Rocket Technology Research Institute, China Aerospace Museum, jointly opened the "odd poly space" programme, ten enterprises, including xiangpiaopiao into the program of the first business cooperation, to create a series of new industrial space play a large hole in the brain open. Wanyuan Industrial Company general manager Ma Guang, "three" author Hugo laureate Chinese science fiction writer Liu Cixin, China Rocket Technology Research Institute’s minister Li Tongyu, Chinese carrier rocket technology research institute director Guan Song’s Alibaba, general manager of Juhuasuan Liu Bo, state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission propaganda bureau director Chen Jingdi and other leaders guests attended the communication media. Business for eleven years, has been to seek a global xiangpiaopiao sophisticated, high-quality raw materials, first-class make a cup of tea; the establishment of the first national tea base center in Beijing, the main improvement of product quality at the same time, the launch of new milk pure tea tea juice, the choice of space activities xiangpiaopiao as partners, but also to xiangpiaopiao brand and quality recognition. Don’t know what the astronauts are in the small hungry little sleepy, is also not to drink xiangpiaopiao.相关的主题文章:

2016 Guangzhou auto show new excellent 6 SUV price of 119 thousand and 800 – Sohu tencent upd

The 2016 Guangzhou auto show: the new 6 SUV price 119 thousand and 800 – car auto Sohu Sohu [2016 Guangzhou auto show]2016 Guangzhou auto show officially opened, nouchi at the show officially announced on the 2017 and 6 SUV listed, launched a total displacement of two including 1.8T and 2.0T, a total of five models, the price range of no change. The 1.8T upgrade, 1.8T fashion charm upgrade, 1.8T, type three cars were upgraded in the configuration, the price range is 13.68-16.98 million. 2017 LUXGEN gifted 6 SUV overall design of exterior and interior aspects of the basic continuation of the current model, mainly in car configuration upgrade. Among them, 2017 1.8T upgrade adds charm, electric sunroof, leather steering wheel, multifunction steering wheel, cruise control, front side airbags, steering wheel shift paddles. 2017 1.8T fashion upgrade increased keyless entry and a key start + engine electronic anti-theft, the driver’s seat to adjust electric six, steering wheel shift paddles, front side airbags, multifunction steering wheel, cruise control and other functions. 2017 1.8T, increased the side curtain airbags, intelligent electric tailgate, steering wheel shift paddles, Hyun blue lift althorn; no change in 2017 2.0T, and 2017 flagship type configuration. On the power, the 2017 models of intelligent gifted gifted 6 SUV is still equipped with 1.8T or 2.0T engine, the maximum power of these two engines were 132kW and 138kW. Transmission part matching 6 speed manual gearbox.相关的主题文章: